Lorenzo [Scott] Bertolini [Agnoletto]

Hi, I am Lorenzo, I was born in Milano, where I also studied for my BSc in Psychology. After that, I started shifting my interest in computational cognitive science, at the Center for Mind and Brain Sciences (CIMeC) of the University of Trento, where I worked on testing semantic and probabilistic theories from psychology with computational models, such as word embeddings and topic models. This brought me to the Artificial Intelligence Research Group at the University of Sussex, where I stayed for my PhD and Postdoc, both focusing on natural language processing (NLP). There, my research has focused on problems at the interaction of linguistics and machine learning, such as studying and improving compositional generalisation and inference abilities of different types of NLP models. I am also interested in adopting language models (LLMs) on reports of dreams! I have recently joined the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission to work on explainability and biases in LLMs, with a focus on multimodal biomedical NLP.

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